Medical Transcription Certification

What kind of medical transcription certification do I need?

The shortest and easiest way to obtain your certificate as a medical transcriptionist is to complete an online medical transcription certificate program. Here you will learn everything that is needed to get started right away as a medical transcriptionist. You can choose to get higher certification as a medical transcriptionist, even though it is not needed to start working right away.

What are the different types of certifications that I can obtain as a medical transcriptionist?

If you are interested in pursuing higher education you can get a professional certification that is offered by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (ADHI):

  • )┬áThe Registered Health Documentation Specialist (RHDS) certificate: This certification can be obtained right after you complete your medical transcription certification program.
  • )┬áThe Certified Health Documentation Specialist (CHDS) certificate: This certification can only be obtained once you have acquired at least 2 years of acute-care experience or multispecialty equivalent.